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Johnson & Rountree Premium is dedicated to providing excellent service in the recovery of overpayments owed to insurance companies by healthcare providers. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations in all aspects of the recovery process, focusing on effective communication by service staff, efficient and meticulous research and appeal handling by administrative staff, and in-depth reporting and analysis customized to each client’s business. Our capability to rapidly allocate resources in response to clients’ immediate needs enables us to combine consistent quality of service with the flexibility to meet each client’s specific needs.


David Oldfield joined Johnson & Rountree International as Marketing and Sales Director in 1989. In 1993, David started his own company, Johnson & Rountree Premium, focused on providing recovery services to insurance clients. Increasingly specializing in the recovery of overpayments to healthcare providers, Johnson & Rountree Premium dedicated resources to provide customized, flexible, recovery services with an emphasis on quality of service. Johnson & Rountree Premium has since expanded to provide recovery services to many of the largest health insurance companies in the country.


Johnson & Rountree Premium has a strong reputation as a fast-action collection agency, collecting more money, quickly, because of its many years of specialization in insurance related debt collection. This enables Johnson & Rountree to initiate work as soon as a file is received. Once on the job, we quickly focus on a debtor’s ability to pay. By applying an extensive knowledge and understanding of commercial debt, Johnson & Rountree representatives are able to explain and apply technical jargon with clarity which, in turn, helps overcome debtor disputes with a minimum of consultation.

As an industry leader, Johnson & Rountree Premium encourages associates to leverage a combination of technology and in-depth experience to deliver Best-in-Class performance in managing your company’s debt portfolio. People collect, technology assists. Performance Metrics are established and monitored daily by Johnson & Rountree’s management team, thereby establishing a business relationship management framework that optimizes overall project impact. Cash Flow Options include direct payments to Johnson & Rountree clients and payment processing through the Johnson & Rountree trust account.

“At Johnson & Rountree Premium we take pride in giving customer service that is in all ways exceptional. Whenever a client expresses a need, no matter how small it may seem to others, it becomes our number one priority. Along with our comprehensive array of services, that emphasis is why we have been able to build and retain such an extensive clientele. Responding to client needs and giving our clients the best service means everything!”
– David Oldfield, President

Johnson & Rountree Premium believes building a profitable insurance base in today’s environment is an ongoing process with constant challenges and obstacles to overcome. For those reasons, Johnson & Rountree has developed programs that minimize risk and increase profits. Our proven methods accelerate cash flow while decreasing operating expenses and optimizing policyholder retention.